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Pride Charities, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed by Resurrection MCC whose purpose is community outreach and service. Working hand-in-hand with Resurrection MCC, they have primary responsibility for the management and operations of the food pantry and clothes closet which serves hundreds of clients each year. 

Pride Charities provides funding for the Food Pantry at Resurrection MCC through donations from individuals and organizations, as well as revenue obtained through a Bingo license. As an independent, non-profit organization, Pride Charities is able to pursue grants and other funding opportunities not available to religious entities. (Some donors prefer to support benevolent activities without contributing to a religious entity.)

(HOPE) is an all-foster, no kill adoption group based in the Houston area. HOPE covers the cost of general medical expenses for the animals in the program, such as altering, routine vaccinations and treatment for parasites. Our foster families are asked to provide food, shelter and love to the animals for which they care.They receive no payment for the services that they provide. If at all possible they are reimbursed for some of their costs, but the majority care for their foster animals gratis. Without them, and the other volunteers who so selflessly do what is necessary to keep HOPE afloat, it would not be possible to run this nonprofit corporation.

Camp Hope was created as a weeklong escape and a safe haven for children living with HIV.  Camp Hope is located at Camp for All, a barrier free facility that allows kids regardless of their health status, to enjoy traditional camp activities.  Through engaging camp activity, psychosocial support from medical staff, licensed counselors and specially trained volunteers, 120 HIV-positive youth will learn healthful lifestyle behaviors and gain the social and emotional stability they need to successfully transition into adolescence and adulthood.
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